Friday, November 30, 2007


nissan_user_manual, originally uploaded by gugs.

This is a very funny one, proposed by Heywood Floyd, a moderator on the "nikonpassion" photo site in France. Seen in Japan.

No dog

F5 test 02, originally uploaded by gugs.

This one has been put on top of another one to make explicit that dogs are not welcome... picture taken in Brussels, Belgium.

Stop in Hong Kong

Hong Kong 059, originally uploaded by gugs.

A classical and universal one, Chinese version.

Singapore Metro

Singapore 2007 22, originally uploaded by gugs.

This one has been shot in the MRT, the Singapore Metro, the first three signs are slef-explanatory and universal, the last one is a bit specific, you can be fined if you take a durian with you... a durian is a stinking fruit (I mean REALLY stinking), with a nice taste (never tried myself, the "perfume" is not too motivating). For more info see also wikipedia definition of durian


F5 test 03, originally uploaded by gugs.

I always found this one funny. It is still used in Belgium to warn about trains crossing a road. The only thing is that steam locomotives retired 40 years ago to be replaced by Diesel and Electrical ones all over the country.

No... Santa Cruz

US 2007 2, originally uploaded by gugs.

This one has been shot on the pier in Santa Cruz, California...
interesting combination to say the least...

No skate-biking

Hong Kong 072, originally uploaded by gugs.

this one is really funny... self-explanatory. But this was in the train system inHong Kong (as you can see from the symbol in the lower right corner). My comment is who would do that in the first place ???


Hong Kong 009, originally uploaded by gugs.

This is in the Hong Kong trains, the sign means do not put your feet on the seat in front of you... the penalty is 5000HKG dollars (approx 500EUR or 750USD) !

Hong Kong escalator

Hong Kong 042, originally uploaded by gugs.

An interesting one and probably unique... this sign is indicating the way to the escalator in Hong Kong central allowing you to climb part of the hill on the island.

Turkish wet floor

Turkey 31, originally uploaded by gugs.

Turkish version of a universal sign - caution wet floor...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hong Kong 081, originally uploaded by gugs.

This is a sign used in Hong Kong to direct to the "silent" cars in the metro/train system. People are supposed to be quiet in those cars.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hong Kong 001
Originally uploaded by gugs
This is my first post on this blog... let's start with an "odd" sign. Found in a hotel in Hong Kong just to indicate the odd room numbers (there was another "even" sign).